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Each year, thousands of children are adopted across the United States. In Colorado, adoption can be agreed to by the parents or ordered by a court. The most common adoption is when a step-parent decides to legally adopt a husband or wife’s child from a previous relationship. Through the procedure of adoption, all of the rights and responsibilities of the child are turned over from one or both natural parents to the adoptive parent.

Some Types of Adoption in Colorado

In Colorado, there are several types of adoption:

Private domestic adoption, foster care adoption and international adoption. The most common form of adoption is through the foster care system. Additionally, adoption isn’t limited to children (persons under 18 years old).

The laws surrounding these arrangements can be complex – it is important that you get help from experienced adoption lawyer who understands how to navigate these waters. With decades of combined legal experience helping our clients through adoption matters, Marc Kaplan can help you plan for your new family member.

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Next Steps

Following an adoption, the natural parent no longer has any obligation or rights regarding the child. The adoptive parents are then responsible for the well-being of the minor child and must adequately provide for them in every area of the child’s needs. Let one of our adoption attorneys help you in the proper adoption procedures.

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