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A divorce is difficult for adults and children, but it can be even worse for the children involved. In Colorado, there are two child custody decisions that need to be resolved: allocation of decision-making responsibility and allocation of parental responsibility. These decisions affect who makes important decisions—medical, religious, educational, extracurricular activities and where the children will live. At Marc Kaplan, our experienced child custody lawyers know how to help you protect your children’s best interests and ensure your children have the best chance at a happy future.

Decades of Legal Experience

At Marc Kaplan, our child custody attorneys have helped families throughout Colorado  with difficult parenting decisions. We work with a team of experts to ease transitions and build workable parenting plans that account for the best interests of your children. While negotiation and mediation can help you to maintain some control over the decisions at hand, we have the experience to take your case to court if the other parent is not reasonable as to what is in your children’s best interests.

When you received a bad result or an existing order no longer meets your family needs, our child custody lawyers can help you seek a modification. Going back to court is often necessary as your and your children’s circumstances change, or if you plan to relocate to be closer to family or accept better employment. A skilled child custody lawyer can also help grandparents get custody of grandchildren under certain circumstances.

How Is Parenting Time Determined?

You may be wondering – how much time will you get to spend with your child or children? When will those visits take place? If you cannot agree, a judge will create a plan for you. A psychologist or another professional may be appointed to advise the court throughout the process. Our child custody lawyers can work with you and the different roles a professional may assume to make sure appropriate facts are considered before recommendations are presented to the judge.

Change in Circumstances Attorneys

To modify an order, you usually need to show that there has been a change in circumstances. To make changes to a parenting schedule or to the allocation of parental decision-making responsibilities, a major shift in income could be one of the reasons you may need to revisit child support or spousal maintenance. Speak with our attorneys to learn whether your situation meets this threshold.

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