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Divorce mediation, negotiation, and arbitration all may play a role in every divorce legal strategy. These out-of-court tactics can offer you more control over the outcome. A negotiated or mediated settlement is often time the quickest way to resolve a divorce. The other party must be reasonable and agreeable for these methods to work.

At Marc Kaplan, we have helped families and individuals across Colorado reach out-of-court settlements. Our lawyers are frequently hired as third-party mediators, arbitrators, and special masters to help families reach agreements. Our perspectives and experiences allows us see cases from a variety of angles. We are problem solvers who understand Colorado law and many diiferent legal strategies to reach agreements and diffuse tension.

Common Questions About Divorce Mediation

Mediated agreements will often lead to better outcomes. We work hard to understand your family and individual situation –  a court will never have the same time to get to know you and your history.  The attorneys at Marc Kaplan are experienced trial lawyers who enjoy a court battle, but often the end result of going to court is to have an order that is unworkable or insufficient. Mediation is not only less adversarial, it is an opportunity to achieve a results in a customized manner that is comprehensive so as not to require repeated future battles in a courtroom.

Is Mediation Required for Divorce in Colorado?

Mediation is required by most counties in the state of Colorado for those who are entering their final hearing for divorce. This opportunity gives each party a chance to say their final peace and to try to work out the their disagreements. Agreements in mediation are important because they can resolve lingering issues such as custody and financial support. Mediation is always confidential and should be viewed as a way of venting without judgement.

Will Mediation Resolve All Divorce Issues?

The mediator – often times an experienced family law attorney or former judge – does not represent either you or your spouse and is not permitted to give you advice. It is critical that no one engage in mediation without the advice of an experienced lawyer. While this may be well intentioned, many people exclude lawyers from the process in an attempt to maintain peace and not incite a fight.

All family law issues common in divorce can be decided through mediation. In some cases you may mediate issues related only to child custody but not financial issues. Even a limited agreement reached through mediation can reduce the number of contested issues a judge must decide, thereby limiting the expense and emotional toil associated with the remaining aspects of your dispute.

Why You Still Might Need to Go to Court

Regardless of which aspect of a divorce or custody case is in dispute, often times there are a multitude of ways to resolve it. There may be many areas where a black-and-white answer is just not apparent. When people have honest disputes as to what is a fair resolution (when people can’t agree), or when both sides are unable to accept what is a fair result, then the court is the place to receive an answer from a judge or magistrate. Having an experienced trial lawyer at your side is crucial – representing yourself in court can cause serious future problems.

We Help You Solve Your Family Law Problems

Before you start the divorce process, speak with one of our knowledgeable divorce mediation attorneys. We can answer your questions about divorce mediation and the divorce process, and we can help you resolve your family law conflicts as quickly an efficiently as possible. If you are looking for a skilled third-party divorce mediator or arbitrator to help resolve a case, we can provide more information about our services and how we can help you.

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    To implement our plans of action, we identify key facts, experts and conduct aggressive discovery.

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