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Marc Kaplan has handled thousands of divorce law cases, including those involving individuals with high net worths or significant assets – some of these include complicated family limited partnerships, trusts, and privately held businesses. We understand how important it is to preserve what you have spent so many years building. Whether you and your spouse have reached an agreement without conflict or you need to properly value a business, or are involved in a business dispute – our lawyers have the experience and knowledge needed to help you. We can help you avoid mistakes that potentially could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars.

When a marital estate includes high value assets, such as real estate holdings, stocks, business interests, retirement accounts, IRAs, etc. dividing those assets can be a challenging endeavor. Obtaining a full and accurate accounting of all of the assets in an estate and their value is the first step in the property and asset division process. This may require a forensic analysis including uncovering hidden assets. Marital property and non-marital property must be identified and separated. Our firm is skilled in handling even the most complex of marital estates. We listen to our clients’ objectives and work hard to achieve them.

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  • Results-Driven

    We maxmize settlement through mediation & obtain your goals by being well prepared at hearings and trials.

  • Client-Focused

    On the front end, we listen to you to understand your goals.

  • Creative Solutions

    Our attorneys think outside the box to develop a strategy within your budget.

  • Preparation

    To implement our plans of action, we identify key facts, experts and conduct aggressive discovery.

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Marc Kaplan, Attorney at Law

Marc Kaplan, Attorney at Law