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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in Colorado

Mediation and arbitration can offer an effective yet less expensive, less time consuming, and less stressful means of resolving a dispute than courtroom litigation. Our attorneys serve as mediators, arbitrators, and special masters, relying on their experience as trial lawyers to facilitate successful dispute resolution proceedings. Acting as neutral third parties and not as advocates for either side, they provide essential feedback to assist each side in making reasoned decisions to achieve a fair result.

Mediation vs. Arbitration

As mediators and arbitrators, we employ different means of resolving disputes. Both are neutral third parties, but an arbitrator has the authority to hear evidence and render a decision on the matter, whereas a mediator acts more as a guide for disputing parties to hear each other’s sides and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. Through mediation and arbitration, disputing parties have an opportunity to reach more flexible agreements without the expense and time typically associated with a courtroom battle. Alternative dispute resolution is also often far less stressful.

What Is a Special Master?

In Colorado, a special master is a person appointed by the court to carry out a certain function or act on behalf of the court. Special masters may manage pre-trial discovery and make rulings on discovery disputes, review confidential information to determine how much of it or what should be provided to disputing parties in litigation, or enforce post-trial rulings or orders. Special masters are neutral and are most often attorneys. They tend to act as quasi-judges and can play an important role in alleviating judges’ caseloads.

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If you are interested in having us act as a neutral mediator, arbitrator, or special master in your case, it is best to say so in the initial contact, to avoid sharing so much information that they can no longer be neutral and are then unable to provide services other than advocacy.

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Marc Kaplan, Attorney at Law

Marc Kaplan, Attorney at Law