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No matter what your financial status may be, there is a great deal of time and energy involved in untangling your finances after several years of marriage. During a divorce, property division can be challenging – you need an experienced property division attorney to represent your best interests. The lawyers at Marc Kaplan have decades of experience fighting to protect the rights of our clients.

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Some Issues to Consider

In a divorce, the division of assets, real estate and shares property can be complicated. There are many different questions that will arise such as:

  • How will pensions, 401k(s), IRA’s and otherbenefits such as stock options and bonuses be valued and divided?
  • Who will keep the family business?
  • Who will keep the home?

We have a number of experts and investigators on hand to collaborate and thoroughly explore what your family owns and identify how to show its true value. Our tools include document requests as a start. When we identify potential issues, we may use a deposition or inspection to piece together a complete picture of you and your spouses financial portfolio.

Finding Hidden Assets

When your soon-to-be ex-spouse realizes that divorce is on the horizon, he or she may find ways to attempt to conceal or hide assets. We work with skilled forensic investigators and accountants to help you find these assets

Some of the tactics can include:

  • Antiques or collectibles that appear worthless but are actually quite valuable
  • Business accounting practices that minimize income or assets held
  • Hiding assets in LLCs or other entities or with other persons
  • Stashing cash in a safe deposit box
  • Underreporting income on tax returns

All assets and debts must be fully disclosed within the divorce process. If a financial disclosure does not match up with your standard of living, or if there is any reason why the financial disclosures appear to be incomplete or suspicious, we will investigate it. Our attorneys and associated experts know how to unravel complicated finances. This can be expensive, so we are very careful to be strategic in how we handle each case and tailor our representation to your individual situation.

Colorado’s Equitable Division

Property classification is the first step in property division. Property acquired during marriage is presumed to be marital and subject to division. This could include your home, bank accounts, retirement accounts, investment real estate, art, jewelry, or a family business. Often times it is not simple to determine whether an asset is marital or separate, meaning that analysis or tracing may be needed to identify just what is to be tagged in a divorce. A court can’t divide separate property, such as pre-marital assets, inheritance, or gifts, but the law is complex and the process of determining what is separate can be difficult to accomplish.

Once the marital property is identified and valued, it can then be equitably divided. What does it mean to equitably divide your assets and debts? It means a fair result, taking into account all relevant considerations. The court looks at a variety of factors when an agreement cannot be reached.

An experienced property division attorney can work with you to develop a martial balance sheet and proposed division of assets to maximize the assets that you receive consistent with a reasonable financial plan to achieve your future needs and goals.

An Attorney May Be Your Best Marital Asset

When a trust, business or complicated finances are involved in or after a divorce, you need a lawyer who thinks strategically and works efficiently or you could unknowingly be setting yourself up for failure. Our lawyers and their team of professionals know what to look for, what to find, and what to do in highly complex and complicated cases, often working with financial experts to obtain the best outcome possible

Though your hard work over the years may not directly reflect in a bank account, it doesn’t mean it was without value. Likewise, the end of your marriage should not herald the end of your way of living or your financial security. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tip the scales of justice in one’s favor.

By going into court fully prepared, and having the experience and knowledge you will receive from the lawyers at Marc Kaplan, you will greatly increase your chances of persuading a judge or magistrate that what you want is a fair and equitable resolution.

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What Sets Us Apart?

  • Results-Driven

    We maxmize settlement through mediation & obtain your goals by being well prepared at hearings and trials.

  • Client-Focused

    On the front end, we listen to you to understand your goals.

  • Creative Solutions

    Our attorneys think outside the box to develop a strategy within your budget.

  • Preparation

    To implement our plans of action, we identify key facts, experts and conduct aggressive discovery.

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