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Life does not stand still after you have filed the divorce papers. Sometimes, a dream job or family members are located in other states and you wish to relocate with your child or children. You may also seek to fight a spouse’s attempt to take the children away from you. Before a divorce decree or custody order is entered, under current Colorado law you have an absolute right to live where you want, and the judge has to choose which parent gets to relocate the children, based on the children’s best interests. This decision is probably the most critical one you can make, because after the decree is issued it is usually extremely unlikely the children will be permitted to leave Colorado, or even move within the state if it creates a geographic boundary to the other parent’s ability to exercise his or her parenting time.

If you have a custody agreement and parenting plan, you will need to seek court approval for relocation after divorce and if relocation of the children is permitted, it often is difficult to construct a reasonable parenting schedule. Child support may also have to be modified, and transportation expenses can be insurmountable. The relocation attorneys at Marc Kaplan, can help. Our experienced relocation lawyers know how to help you establish or resist a request to relocate the child or children.

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At Marc Kaplan, our attorneys understand that a final judgment is rarely the end. We have helped clients across Colorado find out-of-the-box solutions when things change. From our first meeting, we begin to strategize how to achieve a favorable outcome in a timely manner to meet your goals.

Some Common Relocation Issues

When you are seeking to relocate after a divorce with your child, it is crucial you produce data that backs up why the move is in your child’s best interests. On the other hand, you may want to keep your child in Colorado (you will need data for this as well). Our lawyers can explain how state law applies to the facts of your case.

Given the extreme hardship relocation causes on both parents and the children, we are often unable to solve these types of disputes through negotiation or mediation. That is when parents need the assistance of an experienced relocation family law trial lawyer to help them fight to protect their rights.

Opportunities and challenges come along in life that we never envisioned.

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